ARTHUR LIPSETT, SOUNDTRACKS is a single disc vinyl edition of 500.



Arthur Lipsett made an impressive series of collage films during his lifetime. He began his collages under the employment of the National Film Board of Canada. During a sound workshop, he was given the assignment to tell a story by editing together found sound materials. Lipsett took the assignment further by editing images to the sound collage he created. The result was to become Very Nice Very Nice, sharing his view of a phantasmagorical world. This first effort earned him an Academy Award nomination at the age of 25.


Arthur Lipsett, Soundtracks is a document that celebrates the work of Arthur Lipsett, while highlighting his sound collage as an art form in itself. The National Film Board of Canada granted the license to create this sound document from the original film masters. These originals were re-mastered and pressed to high quality vinyl that they will last into the future and be discovered anew.